Sunday, November 13, 2016

November already (Are you kidding me??)

Hi all...absolutely unbelievable that it IS mid November...well.. alot has transpired. I write this entry from the Extended Stay Hotel in Tigard,, we reviewed our finances the end of September and realized that we had spent our entire 2 year budget plus.. in the one year we have been gone from Everett, WA..but we know, God's in charge, not us! So, rolling up our sleeves, we are back to work. Ernie has been commuting to CA from Ensenada to do paying mechanic work. All I can do for $ is be a nurse..and the only RN license I have current is Oregon. So I am on a travel nurse assignment in Oregon. Will be here till January 9, 2017. I have reinstated my CA RN license, so am praying for next assignment in southern CA!! Ernie is still commuting back and forth to keep cats fed & watered & boat afloat in the marina in Ensenada. We have awesome neighbors who are helping us immensely! Thank you, thank you..Angie & Ralph (SV Nanner Moon, Marshall (SV Tenacity), Jan & Chuck (SV Windwatcher) and those who have sailed away..Jules & Jeff (SV El Gato).
Meanwhile, orphanage maintenance & mechanic projects continue in Tijuana & Rosarito. And Ernie has an awesome God opportunity to drive & codrive (navigate) in the Baja 1000 2016. A special thank you to Art & Ruth of MOOCH racing for believing in Ernie & welcoming him into their fold! Any of you who know Ernie at all, know that he is a total gearhead and desert rat! He is having such an experience. He says he is using all the skills he has to do this! And its just pre running right now. Please, please all of you, keep him in your prayers, for his and all others involved (spectators and participants at all levels) for their safety and enjoyment, no hurt, harm or danger to come to ANY of them, in Jesus' mighty name! Amen.
And my laptop hard drive died...hope I got all my pics & docs saved, but I am on a loaner from my mom (thanks, mom!) I have no idea how to send any pics...sorry.. will promise next post will have pics! ok?
Thank you all for your continued prayers, kind thoughts and gifts of support & encouragement. Love you guys!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

#3 for July 21, 2016... be sure to read em all...

Now for "Captain's note" from Ernie:
     Wow, can't believe its been 9 months already since we left Everett. I must first give thanks to God for the Awesome journey so far, and second-awesome praise to my wonderful wife for keeping us organized and on the ball. Many sailors (men) are envious of me cuz I have a wife "totally into the boat life" well what can I say but Cindy is awesome and I could not do all this without her!! Love you sweetie!! (Geez, he made me copy it word for word)...
Thanks to ALL for all the prayers and support over the years to get us to this point. Its awesome to be a part of God's plan to spread His love to all we come across; to Him be the Glory now and forever!!
Give em Heaven!

And now, some thoughts on the mission. We have been gone almost 10 months and we budgeted only for 24 upon reflection, it looks like we are going to have to change some of our plans. The most logical is to not venture as far south as we had previously planned. So as of now, we are thinking we will go as far south as Puerta Villarta area, then when ready, do the Pacific Puddle Jump from there. There are classes to prep for the ocean crossing that we want to take that start every January. So we will prepare to "jump" either April, May, or June of 2017 or 2018. Mission work we involve ourselves in further south will determine our plans of course. Please keep this mission voyage in your prayers.

July 21, 2016...continues

So, we do want to share a scary incident that happened one week after we got to Ensenada. As most of you know, we bought an awesome old beater car (La Bamba, 1995 Buick Regal) for transportation to and from Mexico when we were still in San Diego. Well, the second Sunday we were driving home from church and fellowship with Pastor Leo & Gloria on the libre (free) back mountain road to Ensenada and when coming around a blind hairpin curve/turn in the road, La Bamba was hit on the driver's side by a riderless Harley Davidson motorcycle. Really! Turns out, Raul & his amor dumped the bike on a curve, fell off and the bike righted itself to continue on and hit us...God is in charge as always and He worked everything for good. No major injuries to anyone. No one went to jail... we just saw the movie "Get the Gringo".. Whew! Raul honorably paid for car repairs and we made two more friends here in Mexico!
Ernie always lookin for another buggy! This is the best vehicle for here, for sure! But don't tell La Bamba! No worry, its way not in our budget!!

Finally, this work begins on the nueva casa para huerfanos (the new home for Casa Hogar, Ninos de Fe orphanage in Baja Malibu), working with Coastline Church of Carlsbad, CA. What a blessing to the children, caretakers (Victor & Gabi) & community Coastline Church has been and is being--really unbelievable!
We have also met a lot of wonderful & welcoming cruisers and office personnel here in Cruiseport Marina in Ensenada. All of our documentation paperwork is now in order and we feel so much more secure here!! We have been making time for Mexican Train dominoes once a week. Also blessed to have la leccion en Espaniol cada miercoles (Spanish lessons every Weds) right here in the marina, Gracias, Senora Alejandra!!

July 21, 2016

Hola, Amigos.. we are really feeling like honorary Mexicans now! We are starting our 3rd month in Ensenada!! What a wonderful time here. In between trips up to Estados Unidos (U.S. in Espaniol)!
Trying to get a good picture of the huge beautiful Mexican flag is difficult!
Meanwhile, Ernie is busy, busy, busy...his gifts and talents are of great service here. He has done lots of mechanic stuff..maintenance and vehicle fixes. And last week, he was wearing his electrician's hat;

revitalizing electricity to the caretaker home for Pastor Leo & Gloria's church in Rosarito, Lo Mejor del Trigo.
We also reunited with some sailors from CA that we met in Monterrey, Ronald & Bridgett, who came down to visit their sailboat, Shameless. While they were here, they introduced us to the BEST pizza in Mexico we believe! Ochento's..hidden in the wine country near Ensenada. We met the family owners and hope they take some time off and come down to the marina to go sailing before we leave here in November!
When we were up north, visiting family and friends, we got the chance to reconnect with David & Danielle, missionaries we met years ago in Santa Barbara through Tristan Harvey. We haven't seen David & Danielle in at least 7 years-- David just finished training as a pilot and mechanic! to be a missionary bush pilot--we saw them just before they headed north somewhere for official training for that kind of mission! Wow!! So we got together for coffee with Tristan too!

Tristan & his family have been in Bali, Indonesia for the past year.. to return in the next week or so--who knows when we will see them again!

Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20, 2016

Hi all...well, I know its been awhile since I posted...alot has been going on. We were in San Diego the full 3 months to avail ourselves of free cruisers anchorage! Had a few visitors from north of San more acclimated to life on the hook...made weekly trips to Mexico. Ernie is doing maintenance mechanical work on lots of orphanage & church vehicles. We have met several awesome cruisers along the way. Carol & Craig (windcutter), Neal, Tally, & Jan (raven), Marshall (tenacity), Jim (bruyere), Jim (double angel) name a few. We have now also made the move south to Ensenada Mexico...leaving behind lots of San Diego sailors/friends...Vanessa, Norbert, Lester, Justin, Jason, Ed the rigger & Ed from the wall...Getting to know lots of folks here at Cruiseport marina...they have a cruisers website & vhf net. Very helpful! Once we get our bearings, will resume ministry work...orphanage new home sale is still pending, so we can't start work on remodel til all the legal stuff is done, but always vehicle work and homeless ministry work to do!.. We are a bit dismayed that we had to rent a slip here cuz we can't anchor in the bay here...and there are lots of $$ fees when you exchange $$ and unexpected boat/old car expenses/printer replacement/cell phone replacement/vessel documentation name change fees (who knew ernie & cindy weren't our legal names!!?).. But we are still learning alot! We have come to the conclusion that when we use up all our $$...if God doesn't need us to continue this mission trip by providing more resources...we will know its time to go home...wherever that will be!! We are planning to reroute trip at this point to only go as far south as Puerta Vallarta...then do pacific puddle jump from there! Keep us in your prayers!

May 20,

 Working on Casa Hogar...Ninos de fe orphanage van.

 Tiny Rosarito.
 Ernie working on Pastor Leo's church van.
 Nautical clock from ebay seller, Beckie who gave us a great deal for the mission trip! Thank you!!
 Ernie raising Mexico flag & Q flag as we are approaching Ensenada Mexico!
 Jim..friend & crew from San Diego...up mizzen mast replacing anchor light..and smiling for camera! Thank you Jim for all your help!

Pic out window of car...somewhere in Ensenada!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 2016 visitors!

We have had visits from Seattle! and crazy, but we have met cruisers here...from Seattle too..

                           Full raft of folks...Tasha, David, Anna Nina, Nina and Aunt Leila..
                                                         Tasha and David of course!
                                                                                    Kristie made the trek down too!
 Jim of Sailing Vessel, "Double Angel", headed for the Marquesas next month!!
Marshall of Sailing Vessel, "Tenacity" who took us sailing yesterday around the bay and also crewed with us to sail a bit with Tasha and family when they were here! Marshall is bound for La Paz, leaving in the next couple of days!!
And finally, our first Bible study participants from the A9 anchorage here in San Diego, Joel and Coronado and little Taffy... who are headed back east to home after their adventure of life on the water here for the past 6 months or so. Our prayers and love go with them, such a neat young couple!!
Well, that's it for now... hope I spelled everyone's name apologies if I didn't. Will make my best effort to blog once a month... plan for now is to be in San Diego, free anchorage until middle of May... then hopefully, crew will be joining us to head to Ensenada, Mexico!!!
Thank you all for remembering us and keep those prayers going up to the Lord for us. We are just here in the bay, but our boat is on the hook (at anchor), so its fun and different, but a bit nervewracking at times too. We have had a couple of incidents of boats dragging their anchors, towards us! And its very different getting used to swinging around and around all the time! Our precious gatos are doing great!